What is Everybody Gotta Eat?

Everybody Gotta Eat is an organization dedicated to alerting the public of their local restaurants and establishments that are not being recognized as well as chefs and recipes that people would like share with other people around the world. 

Everybody Gotta Eat will promote your favorite restaurant establishment, chefs, and recipes to share with the public. 

We support your local area with a donation to keep restaurants in business and known to the public. 

Seeking Sponsorships

Everybody Gotta Eat is seeking sponsorships and donations to support local food banks which a percentage of the profits will go from sales of Everybody Gotta Eat shirts. 

Contact Us

Everybody Gotta Eat

13523 Clayton Hill Drive

Houston, TX  77041

Phone:  346-561-3559

Email:  anthony.harris@everybodygottaeat.com